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Prescription Glasses

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  1. spectacle-frames-ve-collection-525-blue-sd

    VE Collection 525 - Blue


    Rectangular lenses, clean cut angles made of metal make these fully rimmed frames the perfect spectacle frames you could have. Very light weight with flexible arms for daily wear. Available in Blue and Bronze. Learn More
  2. rimless-glasses-ve-collection-7559-blue-sd

    VE Collection 7559 - Blue


    This pair of trendy, contemporary rimless specs made of high quality metal. The rectangular lenses are ultra modern, the sides are strong and the frames themselves are light in weight. These frames are also built for comfort offering soft, durable nose pads. Learn More
  3. prescription-glasses-julian-beaumont-615-blue-sd

    Julian Beaumont 615 - Blue


    This simple yet trendy pair of Julian Beaumont 615 prescription glasses made for women. Modified rectangular shaped lenses, adjustable nose pads and spring hinges with plastic sides for durability and comfort.. A strong pair of spectacles. Learn More
  4. semi-rimless-glasses-ve-collection-533-blue-sd

    VE Collection 533 - Blue


    VE Collection 533 is a simple yet distinctive pair of semi rimless spectacles. Finely finished flexible arms with plastic end tips. Ideal for distance, reading or computer use. We also recommend an Anti-Glare coating. Available in Black, Blue, Bronze and Burgundy Learn More
  5. spectacle-frames-ve-collection-550-blue-sd

    VE Collection 550 - Blue


    A simple yet distinctive pair of plastic glasses. Secure and comfortable on the nose - thanks to the smooth acetate finish. Learn More
  6. reading-glasses-ve-collection-530-blue-sd

    VE Collection 530 - Blue


    VE Collection 530 is a flawless pair of full rimmed rectangular frames that are lightweight and easy to wear. Very secure and gentle on the nose due to the finish and light weight. Learn More
  7. rimless-glasses-ve-collection-7556-blue-sd

    VE Collection 7556 - Blue


    A light weight, rimless frame. Rectangular lenses and durable nose pads. Very comfortable and can be worn everyday. Similar to VE Collection 7555, but has a deeper lens and will therefore suit bifocals and varifocals prescription. Learn More
  8. glasses-online-elite-289-blue-sd

    Elite 289 - Blue


    This is a simple rectangular frame. A simple and timeless style to suit most uses. Great for reading. We also recommend an Anti-Glare coating or even tinting your glasses with a UV filter. Learn More
  9. spectacle-frames-visage-319-blue-sd

    Visage 319 - Blue


    Want a simple look in prescription glasses? This is a simple yet distinctive pair of metal full rimmed spectacles. Well designed to offer comfort and a firm grip for long daily wear. We also recommend an Anti-Glare coating. Learn More
  10. semi-rimless-glasses-ve-collection-7021-blue-sd

    VE Collection 7021 - Blue


    This semi-rimless glasses are made from metal and plastic sides. With rectangular-shaped lenses and medium size. Simplistic design that never goes out of fashion. Learn More
  11. cheap-glasses-ve-collection-552-blue-sd

    VE Collection 552 - Blue


    VE Collection 552 is a simple yet distinctive pair of rectangular plastic glasses. Suitable for single vision and bifocals lenses. Would make a suitable pair of cheap glasses. Learn More
  12. fashion-glasses-ve-collection-200-blue-sd

    VE Collection 200 - Blue


    Tired of wearing boring, simple glasses. The this frame is for you. The elegant cut out design offers a new look which will not go out of fashion, made of high quality material and very comfortable to wear. Perfect for all occasions. We also recommend an Anti-Glare coating. Suitable for bifocals and varifocals. Learn More
  13. spectacle-frames-ve-collection-554-blue-sd

    VE Collection 554 - Blue


    VE Collection 554 is a strong rectangular pair of spectacles with spring hinges, soft, supple nose pads and a fully rimmed frame with plastic sides. Its a great all rounder and available in Black, Blue and Bronze. Learn More
  14. bifocals-ve-collection-555-blue-sd

    VE Collection 555 - Blue


    VE Collection 555 is a flawless yet distinctive pair of rectangular metal glasses. Smooth elegant plastic arms with spring hinges and reinforced metal . At this price you can't go wrong. Suitable for single vision, bifocals and varifocals. Ideal for everyday wear. Learn More

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