The Latest Styles in Retro Glasses

retro glassesThe words “retro” and “style” should not work together; after all, surely there is a reason why the retro glasses we speak of went out of fashion in the first place? The fact is though that the world of fashion is a fickle place, and styles come in and out of the public eye regularly. This disappearance and reemergence is exactly what happened to the three styles of retro glasses that this article will talk about, although some were absent from the scene for a lot longer than others.

All three of the retro glasses mentioned below have two things in common. The first is that they were, at one point in history, extremely stylish to at least one sector of society. The other is that they have now made a comeback and are regularly seen being worn by the fashion conscious – or the trend setters – seen around today. So, what are these three types of retro glasses and are they a style that perhaps you should consider next time you’re looking for a new pair of specs?

Perhaps the most well-known of retro glasses are the black framed style, which seem to go in and out of fashion on an extremely regular basis. They first came to prominence during the 1960s, with celebrities such as Roy Orbison wearing them when they performed to thousands of people. They then went into obscurity for a while, with the feeling that the only people who wore them were unstylish, as they represented the NHS glasses handed out extremely cheaply to those not able to afford a better pair. By the 1990s they had come in and out of fashion a few times, but ever since then they have been cool, especially when trying to gain an alternative look. These black rimmed glasses look like they will remain in fashion now well into the future.

retro glasses

When it comes to retro glasses for women, then cat glasses are probably the best example of a style that have gone in and out of fashion, and that have now certainly settled in the “cool” camp. They used to be worn by all manner of celebrities in the 1950s, such as Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood actresses, and were often elaborate and over-the-top. Perhaps the main reasons that they have come back into fashion is because they have been scaled down in their design, but at the same time still provide an interesting and distinctive choice for those looking to make a fashion statement.

The final style of glasses that are popular now but originated in a different generation are the sort worn by people such as John Lennon, where the glasses are perfectly round in shape and often tinted with a different colour – usually either rose or light green. While these are undoubtedly not the most practical style of glasses, they are loved by those with a more bohemian – some might call them hippies – attitude to life. They can still be bought brand new from various suppliers, or often original pairs from the 1960s can still be found.

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