The Different Types of Fashion Glasses

fashion glassesFor hundreds – if not thousands – of years, what we wear has always been intended to attract attention and make us seem fashionable. In today’s world this is truer than ever, with every single item of clothing and jewelry specially selected in order to improve our appearance. The world of glasses is very much part of this fashion drive, and there are many different types of fashion glasses that have taken the world by storm, with millions of people wearing them every single day. So what are some of the more popular styles of fashion glasses around?

Rimless Glasses

rimless glassesRimless glasses have been loved for a long time now, mainly because they are understated and go perfectly with a number of different types of clothing and overall styles. They also work perfectly with a number of different face shapes, often complementing the face and adding confidence to the way in which a person perceives themselves. If the fact that they are stylish isn’t enough though, they are also exceedingly comfortable, as they are lighter on the nose and face than other designs, therefore meaning that these are types of fashion glasses that provide comfort and style at the same time – something that doesn’t often happen in the world of fashion!

Retro Glasses

retro glasses

Retro glasses can come in a huge number of different varieties, but the ones that most people will be familiar with are the ones with a large black frame on them, which are firmly cemented as part of the “geek chic” fashion movement. They are really the opposite to what most people would regard as stylish – large, obvious, and clunky looking – but the fact that they are stylish is borne out by the huge numbers of them sold. The fact that all of the world’s largest designers, such as DKNY and John Rocha, make glasses in this style also proves that they are some of the best fashion glasses around.

Aviator Glasses

aviator glasses

Most people thought that the fashion for Aviator glasses would die shortly after Tom Cruise wore them to such effect in Top Gun, but this did not happen. In fact, they are now some of the most popular fashion glasses around – especially for sunglasses – and can be seen on men of all ages during the brief summer months in the UK. As mentioned, they are more popular when used as sunglasses, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be regular glasses as well – many people choose to have their regular glasses tinted so that they can see while they are out in the bright sunshine!

The fashion glasses mentioned above are obviously not all of the different styles that are popular and, in the end, it is entirely personal preference that decides what style of glasses you find the most attractive. Vision Eyewear offers a massive selection of different style and brands, therefore meaning that there is every chance that you will find the style that suits you perfectly when visiting the site!

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