Glasses Frames – not as easy as it looks!

glasses framesThere is nothing so hard or as personal as choosing a pair of glasses. The glasses frames define your face; they can make you look great or just damn stupid. How does one choose the right pair of glasses? It’s certainly not as easy as putting on the first pair of glasses frames and hoping for the best. You need to consider the style, the shape – and most importantly, the shape of your face. Here are a few tips that should get you started – some basic ground-rules when selecting your specs.

Oval-faced? – an oval face appears longer, as the forehead is wider than the jaw. Go for frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face. Ovals are luckier than most, as almost any frame will suit.

Square-faced? – the forehead is broad and the jaw-line is strong and defined. Try to make your face longer by softening the edges of your face. This can be achieved by choosing narrow, round-shaped frames. Choosing these types of glasses frames emphasises the eyes and balances-out the face.

Round-faced? – full round cheeks and chin. Glasses that define, lengthen and narrow the face are best. Angular, narrow frames do the trick, particularly those with a clear bridge. The more rectangular they are, the better, as they draw attention to the eyes and help to balance out the face.

Triangle-faced? – if triangle-faced, you will have a broad forehead which tapers and narrows at the chin. Frames that decrease the broadness of your forehead are ideal, as they help to create balance. Look for frames that get wider at the bottom, as they place emphasis on the lower half of the face. Rimless, colourless, square or round glasses are best.

Diamond-faced? – sporting a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Draw attention to the eyes, to give width and balance to rest of the face. Frames with interesting or bold brow-lines will help to achieve this; otherwise rimless, oval-shaped glasses will work just as well.

Pyramid-faced? – narrow forehead, and wider cheeks and chin. Frames that widen the eyes are favourable as they draw attention to the upper part of the face and help to balance-out the rest of the face. Decorative, colourful glasses frames help to achieve this.

Rectangle-faced? – generally long-faced with a square chin, strong jaw line and a long-nose. Square frames are best for those with rectangular faces, in order to shorten the face. A frame with a low bridge gives the illusion of a shorter nose.

Hair – the colour of your hair is an important deciding factor when choosing your glasses. Those with dark, black or brown hair are better off with dramatic frames. Metallic, clear or pastel-coloured frames are suited for those with fairer hair.

When choosing the colour of your frames, ensure that it mirrors your best feature – such as blue glasses to match blue eyes. Most importantly, your glasses should fit in with your lifestyle.

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