Everything You Need to Know About Varifocal Glasses

varifocal glassesVarifocal glasses are the perfect choice for you if you need to use multiple prescriptions, such as if you are both short sighted and long sighted. They will provide a huge amount of convenience and ensure that you don’t need to keep swapping pairs constantly, but what are they, how do they work and will they provide the solution that you need for your personal situation?

What Are Varifocal Glasses?

In a nutshell, varifocal glasses are a combination of different prescriptions, all placed into one set of glasses. This therefore means that you don’t have to carry around multiple pairs – just one pair will be fine for a whole host of different situations. The different parts of the lenses have different strengths as you look from top to bottom, which means that, depending where you look, the glasses will have a different effect. For example, if you look straight ahead, you might be able to see objects clearly when they are a significant distance away, while looking through the bottom portion will allow you to read or focus on other things that are close by.

How Do Varifocal Glasses Work?

After reading the above description of varifocal glasses, you might be thinking that they are the same thing as bifocal glasses, but this is not the case. The difference is a small one though, as bifocal glasses are divided into two different strengths and there is an obvious divide between the two – users will notice an instant change as they look up and down. With varifocal glasses, the different strengths are faded into one another, therefore meaning that the transition is a lot smoother and, for many, easier to cope with. Varifocal glasses are also made using just one piece of glass, whereas bifocals are two pieces of glass attached together in the middle.

Varifocal glasses

Are They Right for Everyone?

It is impossible to say that varifocal lenses are the correct choice for 100% of people, as everyone has different thoughts regarding how they like to use their glasses. What can be said though is that the vast majority of those using varifocal lenses get on with them very well and usually go on using this design for a significant number of years. When they are first placed over the eyes the effect might be confusing to some, as they have to get used to looking in different areas for different reasons, but this is something that goes away after just a couple of days. Looking at different parts of the lenses will eventually become second nature to most.

It used to be the case that varifocal glasses were only available in massive frames, because the way that the lenses were designed necessitated this. Recent advances in the way that varifocal lenses are made have, however, meant that this is not necessary anymore and that smaller frames can be used. This means that people no longer have to compromise style or comfort when they want to purchase a pair of varifocal glasses.

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