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Everything You Need to Know About Varifocal Glasses

varifocal glassesVarifocal glasses are the perfect choice for you if you need to use multiple prescriptions, such as if you are both short sighted and long sighted. They will provide a huge amount of convenience and ensure that you don’t need to keep swapping pairs constantly, but what are they, how do they work and will they provide the solution that you need for your personal situation?

What Are Varifocal Glasses?

In a nutshell, varifocal glasses are a combination of different prescriptions, all placed into one set of glasses. This therefore means that you don’t have to carry around multiple pairs – just one pair will be fine for a whole host of different situations. The different parts of the lenses have different strengths as you look from top to bottom, which means that, depending where you look, the glasses will have a different effect. For example, if you look straight ahead, you might be able to see objects clearly when they are a significant distance away, while looking through the bottom portion will allow you to read or focus on other things that are close by.