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Reglaze Glasses Please!

reglaze glasses

One of the best feelings in life for wearers of spectacles, be they hipsters with their cool retro frames, preppy kids with their bookish style or on-trend girls with the latest designer shade, is the feeling of having found the right pair of glasses. It can take hours to find the frame that suits your face, the style that suits your personality and the colour that fits your palette. So when your lenses are scratched and need replacing, it is a real heart-ache to have to part with them for a new pair. This is where reglaze glasses come in! Your old glasses can become as good as new, with clean repaired lenses for half the price, time and effort of purchasing a new pair.

Once you have raided your wallet for the perfect pair, the last thing you want to do is have to fork out for another. Some of us can get quite attached to our glasses. They’ve seen it all, the ups and downs of our lives, and they are almost a part of you. Having to replace them can be difficult, because they are practically irreplaceable.