Prescription Glasses – don’t get caught out!

prescription glassesIt’s exciting. You’ve chosen a new pair of glasses that look fabulous, you can’t wait for people to start getting used to the ‘new you.’ You have that savvy, whimsical look that you’ve been dying to have all your life. You watch the optician that you have spent half the afternoon with, scribble down your ‘refractive errors.’ But be unknown to you, that prescription will be handed down, rewritten, reissued and re-entered before those spectacles are created and issued to you. Plenty of room for error! This explains why millions of people are prescribed the wrong glasses. Proper tests and checks are not always carried out sufficiently.

To avoid getting the wrong prescription glasses, make sure you understand what is being prescribed to you. The first line of your prescription (OD or R) is what needs to be changed for the right eye, and the next line (OS or L) is for the left. The unit of measurement for adjustment is calculated in ‘diopters.’ A ‘+’ indicates magnification for farsightedness and a ‘-‘ correction for nearsightedness. If you cannot see through your prescription glasses clearly, make sure you ask the optician to confirm the lens power. The numbers there should match the numbers on the prescription. If it does not, the optician should replace the lenses with the correct prescription – it may be that the numbers have been mixed up in the process. Be sure to always photocopy your prescription.

Some symptoms of wearing the wrong prescription glasses may include blurred or fuzzy vision, as well as headaches, eye strain, dizziness, vertigo and nausea.However, you may rest assured that there are no long term effects.   It’s different with prescription contact lenses, because each person has a differently shaped cornea, and so it would be obvious if you were wearing contacts not designed for you.

If the opticians are correct in their prescription, then it may be that you simply need time to adjust to your prescription glasses. Varifocal lenses, in particular, take awhile for your eyes to get used to them – anything from a few days to a month, and the period of adjustment can cause headaches and disorientation. To help adjust to your varifocals quickly it is worth wearing them all day to get used to them, and to start removing them as soon as you begin to get a headache. Another tip, is to move your whole head towards an object when viewing it, rather than just moving your eyes. Move objects closer or further away when looking through the distance or reading part of your lens: varifocals are designed to assist your vision at certain points, if objects are too close or too far then you are defeating the purpose of wearing varifocals.

However, if your eyesight is still blurred (or subject to other symptoms) despite not wearing varifocals, then it is best to contact your optician. The lens within the frames may need to be readjusted.

Glasses Frames – not as easy as it looks!

glasses framesThere is nothing so hard or as personal as choosing a pair of glasses. The glasses frames define your face; they can make you look great or just damn stupid. How does one choose the right pair of glasses? It’s certainly not as easy as putting on the first pair of glasses frames and hoping for the best. You need to consider the style, the shape – and most importantly, the shape of your face. Here are a few tips that should get you started – some basic ground-rules when selecting your specs.

Oval-faced? – an oval face appears longer, as the forehead is wider than the jaw. Go for frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face. Ovals are luckier than most, as almost any frame will suit.

Reglaze Glasses Please!

reglaze glasses

One of the best feelings in life for wearers of spectacles, be they hipsters with their cool retro frames, preppy kids with their bookish style or on-trend girls with the latest designer shade, is the feeling of having found the right pair of glasses. It can take hours to find the frame that suits your face, the style that suits your personality and the colour that fits your palette. So when your lenses are scratched and need replacing, it is a real heart-ache to have to part with them for a new pair. This is where reglaze glasses come in! Your old glasses can become as good as new, with clean repaired lenses for half the price, time and effort of purchasing a new pair.

Once you have raided your wallet for the perfect pair, the last thing you want to do is have to fork out for another. Some of us can get quite attached to our glasses. They’ve seen it all, the ups and downs of our lives, and they are almost a part of you. Having to replace them can be difficult, because they are practically irreplaceable.

The Different Types of Fashion Glasses

fashion glassesFor hundreds – if not thousands – of years, what we wear has always been intended to attract attention and make us seem fashionable. In today’s world this is truer than ever, with every single item of clothing and jewelry specially selected in order to improve our appearance. The world of glasses is very much part of this fashion drive, and there are many different types of fashion glasses that have taken the world by storm, with millions of people wearing them every single day. So what are some of the more popular styles of fashion glasses around?

Celine Dion Glasses & Sunglasses

celine dion glasses and sunglasses

There is a massive amount of different brands of glasses that can be bought today and some of the world’s biggest fashion companies – such as DKNY, Police and Armani – value glasses as a major part of their business. One brand that is not as well known – although the creator will undoubtedly be someone that you’ve heard of – is Celine Dion glasses and Celine Dion sunglasses which, over the years, have become more and more popular and have carved out a niche for themselves in the marketplace.

Just why are Celine Dion glasses and sunglasses proving so popular though? Well, there are a number of different reasons, and at the end, you might even have decided that Celine Dion glasses are a type of glasses that you want to look at and possibly even buy the next time you need a new pair!

The Latest Styles in Retro Glasses

retro glassesThe words “retro” and “style” should not work together; after all, surely there is a reason why the retro glasses we speak of went out of fashion in the first place? The fact is though that the world of fashion is a fickle place, and styles come in and out of the public eye regularly. This disappearance and reemergence is exactly what happened to the three styles of retro glasses that this article will talk about, although some were absent from the scene for a lot longer than others.

All three of the retro glasses mentioned below have two things in common. The first is that they were, at one point in history, extremely stylish to at least one sector of society. The other is that they have now made a comeback and are regularly seen being worn by the fashion conscious – or the trend setters – seen around today. So, what are these three types of retro glasses and are they a style that perhaps you should consider next time you’re looking for a new pair of specs?

Everything You Need to Know About Varifocal Glasses

varifocal glassesVarifocal glasses are the perfect choice for you if you need to use multiple prescriptions, such as if you are both short sighted and long sighted. They will provide a huge amount of convenience and ensure that you don’t need to keep swapping pairs constantly, but what are they, how do they work and will they provide the solution that you need for your personal situation?

What Are Varifocal Glasses?

In a nutshell, varifocal glasses are a combination of different prescriptions, all placed into one set of glasses. This therefore means that you don’t have to carry around multiple pairs – just one pair will be fine for a whole host of different situations. The different parts of the lenses have different strengths as you look from top to bottom, which means that, depending where you look, the glasses will have a different effect. For example, if you look straight ahead, you might be able to see objects clearly when they are a significant distance away, while looking through the bottom portion will allow you to read or focus on other things that are close by.

Buying Glasses Online

buy glasses online

If you have never before thought to buy glasses online, there are definitely some very good reasons why it’s something worth considering. This guide takes you through the top five reasons to buy glasses online – and will hopefully teach you a bit more about the process along the way, too.


One top reason to buy glasses online is the fact that the process is so flexible. Unlike high street opticians, which tend to work to specific opening hours that don’t always fit in with your busy life, the internet is open all the time – even in the middle of the night. Even on Christmas Day. This means that whenever you want to buy glasses online, you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to – it certainly makes a change from waiting in line at the optician’s.